Key West to New Orleans

GumboCoolio has something for the whole Dam family!

Let’s take a moment to meet the Dam family.  Mr. Dam is from Lafayette, LA and Mrs. Dam is from New Orleans.  They met in Baton Rouge, where Mr. Dam was attending LSU. They got married and they moved to New Orleans where they are raising their Dam kids and that Dam barking Chihuahua.  They are typical New Orleanians who live on Bayou St. John and, like many, are lifelong Saints fans. The Dam’s own a catering company and they work hard for a living.

Mr. Dam makes his gumbo with a dark roux and a thin consistency so his Acadian relatives don’t revoke his Coonass Card.  They attend Catholic Church, they embody their culture and heritage, and they live in a party city that enjoys a lack of inhibitions regarding alcohol, cuisine, dress, and behavior like everyone else who lives here. 

The Dam family have been visiting Key West for years now.  Their heart is in Key West, but their soul is in New Orleans.  They are intimately close with both cities, because they spend a lot time in the two places they love the most.  Being near the water, each place offers an abundance of fresh seafood.  And to compliment the atmosphere there is no shortage of live entertainment and celebrations.  When it comes to pirates, hurricanes, and humidity, again, both cities are like sisters.  The ubiquitous ‘Roadie’ or ‘To-Go’ cup are a common part of both scenes.  Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, partying, or just relaxing, these remarkable cities are colossal destinations for the ultimate entertainment seeker.   

But most of all, both cities are charming and the people who call them home are simply wonderful.  You either love them or not, but which ever, you should find out for yourself, especially if you’re a history lover.

Key West New Orleans Cigar Beach Sign 

Mission Statement

Our goal is to enjoy life, have fun, and not take ourselves too seriously.  And while we are at it, our mission is to create a quality bayou coastal apparel company that offers unique designs, quality and value for our customer.  We will accomplish this by being committed to offering great service and value to our consumer. 
GumboCoolio offers fun, quality apparel to those seeking the cultural coolness factor.  Shop now and place your order!

About the Founder

Ben Hennington is the founder of the GumboCoolio brand.  He is a Key West transplant displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and spent over 2 decades living in the lower Garden District and Bayou St. John in New Orleans.  Ben spends most of his free time in the Crescent City because of his deep love for the locale, and because he finds inspiration within the one of a kind vibe and scene of NoLa. Prior to his move south, he wanted to create a brand that showcased the similarities and unique aspects of his two favorite cities. Ben is an avid Key West socialite and founder of the Key West Chapter of the Sunset Social Drinking Cluba charitable organization that gives back as much as possible to the community that they are a part of.  He was also an avid member of the New Orleans SSDC Chapter, until it's disbandment after Hurricane Katrina.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, after finding the Key West tourist industry stalling and with way more time on his hands than usual, he decided to begin the steps to create his brand - which has morphed into more of a child to him. Many months of brainstorming, networking, meetings, creating, designing, redesigning, and good old fashioned hard work have all culminated in GumboCoolio. Keeping in line with his "give what you receive" ideal, he even incorporated charitable donations into his grassroots business plan. Ben embodies the One Human Family motto of the Southernmost city in which he resides and has based the KeyWestCoolio apparel line.

When he's not actively volunteering and assisting in his community endeavors and business aspirations, you can find Ben in his "office" in the back room of Shots and Giggles bar located at 201 Anne St. in Key West, FL. 

Ben has a residence in both his favorite cities, claiming dual citizenship.  He is living, not dreaming his best life.